Ed Witten on Alien Physics, String Theory, and Great Physics Ideas

From the book The End of Science by John Horgan, p.69 (parts in quotes are exact words by Witten)

Witten suggests that Earth did not get the order of physics discoveries right because the most important part of physics string theory, of course should have been discovered before relativity since "great ideas of physics are really spin-offs of string theory."

Talking of alien civilizations Witten concludes that "superstrings" theory would be "discovered in any advanced civilization" but perhaps in a more logical order (of which great ideas of physics preceded which ones).
Yes, civilizations across the universe are united in singing about the wonders of string theory! (First) Contact between civilizations is all about discussing "its [string theory's] wonder, its incredible consistency, remarkable elegance, and beauty."

Note though that the book was published in 1996, when aliens and UFOs were commonplace*, String Theory was clearly the best thing to happen to the universe, physicists were dancing in triumphant anticipation of the "Theory of Everything", and Ed Witten had emerged as the torchbearer!

What is with Witten and aliens? Well, one of the features of string theory is that "Humans do not understand it very well (2005)"

*The Alien/UFO problem was solved when Space-Control squads cracked down on them for landing without visas, as part of the "good riddance" policy!

I don't agree with the "End of Science" title (have only read selected pages); nor do I agree with the "Theory of Everything" titles (here too, have only read selected pages, because the final pages are still in print :-) ).

Physics is at its beginning, not at its end (on Earth at least). The Vulcans are way ahead, no doubt :-)